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50k Sheep DNA

We are about to launch our GGP Ovine 50K DNA test in New Zealand for sheep breeders. Our aim is to make it as cost-effective and simple as possible with no ‘add ons’ and extra costs. Just one test with everything you’d want included at 1/6 of the price of other 50k tests on the market ($29 instead of $200). So my question is… what traits are important to you? So far we are looking at reporting on the following traits:

Yellow fat gene test
Fecundity gene test
Booroola gene test
Loin muscle gene test
Meat and fat yield gene test
Increased number of lambs born gene test
Microphthalmia gene test

We can also include reports on other traits like Spider Lamb Syndrome and Dermatosparaxis, depending on demand. Are these important to you? If there are any other traits that would appeal to you comment below and we will check if they are covered by our GGP Ovine 50k. Would this be something you’d consider purchasing?
Any questions or suggestions fire away. Cheers

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