About Us

FarmForum is New Zealand’s only forum dedicated for agriculturists. The Forum is owned and operated by farmers alike. Our directors have invested their time and savings into this project to give all farmers a common place to chat and collaborate anonymously. Feature updates are being released daily - we know where we want to go, it’ll just take time to get there. We want our users to have the best experience in the meantime.


The forum is, and always will be, free. We don’t sell your data and we don’t run ads.


“How do you make money then?”

We don’t. We set this platform up because we believe that this is something that NZ farmers REALLY need!


What is anonymous posting?

When posting ‘anonymously’, your personal information remains private from other members of the community. We enabled this feature on day 1. This feature is why we built FarmForum. We wanted you to have the ability to ask ‘dumb questions’ and not feel guilty about it.


“Dumb questions are better than dumb mistakes”


The reason we ask our members to sign in before posting anonymous is to ensure that the website isn’t attacked by robots (seriously). This additional step also enables us to block users who are putting the safety of other members at risk. FarmForum is a bully free zone at all times!


Who can join?

Absolutely anybody.


If you are interest in joining the community then please sign up here. The platform is and always will be free. No credit cards required.


We’re beginning to work with schools and other organisations to ‘bulk’ add their members into our platform. We know that this is a fantastic tool for students. If you have bulk users that you would like us to load in for you then please contact us.