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Farms under NODS

farms under NOD aren’t currently given a timeframe for testing. Why is this? Shouldn’t MPI be meeting a schedule so that farmers going through the stress are at least able to see an end date. Also how many times is MPI able to get a negative before they finally clear a farm.

I would like to think that timeframes are improving, In the beginning it was a lot harder, I would think 3 negatives surely that would be enough? I do know if you are a direct trace then cull is automatically going to happen even if you test negative.

How do you even get these people to react everything they do is at the speed of a glacier including there response to m bovis being in nz which i think they are as responsable as the guy who brought it here in the first place they don't care how stressed anyone gets i have asked numerous times about time frames only to get told the same as the last time they don't know . We are . in are in a pretty small way as farming goes so i feel for the farmers that are trying to make a living with MPI dictating to them what they can or cant do. I wonder ho many of the aprox 36000 cattle they have culled have actually tested positive i suspect not many as they wont even answer that question .Generally there is a lack of information on timeframes or any other question you might ask.

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