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Using a public road as a race between dairy farms

Our neighbour owns two dairy farms, they are about 1/2 a km apart from each other with the dairy farm we are on separating them on one side and a dry stock farm on the other. They frequently use the road to move stock between farms and their farm vehicles including tractors and feed out wagons use the road several times a day. My questions are 1. can they do this and 2. What can we do to protect our farms. We are in an area that is clear but still are very concerned about protecting our farm.

Most councils are at the moment updating or looking into stock movement along public roads, from what I understand everybody will need a permit, it’s probably worth you checking what the rules are for your area.
One of things I would be looking into would be any gates, fences you have along the road make sure they are in excellent shape, even look at running a hot wire along the inside to stop your stock getting to close, and make sure any temporary gates are not baling twine, I have seen a lot of temporary fences being put up on grass verges along the road, some are being mowed (Lawn ) to create a barrier check where your council to see if this is possible.On a personal note all farm machinery should be cleaned before travelling on public roads, it is not in our best interest as farmers to be seen driving around in dirty farm vechiles or machinery.
The definition of a boundary fence is to keep other people’s stock out.

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