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Culls 22,300 + 4000

Is the 22,300 Including the 4000 from late last year or not?
That was 28 farms now 32 farms (another 3-4000)
So are we up to +-26,300 or are we over 30,000?

22,300 plus 5000 from late last year's
Plus the next wave which I think is pushing it over 30,000

Any infected farms after 26/4/18 (cull announcement 22,300) will be case by case basis and with the way Mpi is back pedaling I think not much more will be culled.
(Report from mpi yesterday they will make a call after the 22,300 are culled if we continue culling or a combination of eradication and management.)
So if you become a positive farm now you could be in limbo until they make a decision.

Love to believe that report where was that? There are depopulation orders given out after 26/4/18 and these numbers on the case by case basis are now totalling 2,000 plus.

MPI released today that it was only 22,000

"A cull of 22,000 cows is currently under way, with nearly half, 11,000 animals, destroyed"

We were to our knowledge never included in this 22,000 we are the case by case farms that come after this which I feel is being played down. Yes they are only 11,000 thru this cull. They are being very careful in not putting into the media this increasing number of animals we only hear another farm has been found.

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