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Shifting herds along roads

What is the current thought from MPI in regards to shifting herds down the road with only a wire between mobs of cattle and the risk of spreading M bovis

It will be the same as a boundary fence, no noses to nose contact, and at least 2m between them.

So the attached scenario shouldnt happen then ....however this was just a week or so ago

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It is up to you to protect your stock, I don’t know what herd is yours and it doesn’t matter, also check your council if they have changed their rules, some have changed and now don’t allow grazing road side in high risk places.

Neither herd is mine...I was just driving down the road and saw this situation in a high M bovis area and wondered if there is any thought given to the risk of spreading the disease especially as gypsy day approaches...the farmer is grazing a old water race during the day...similar to disused railway lease and the drover said the cattle were not there when he checked the route prior...

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