Hi my two neighbours are on lockdown one farm for like 6 mnths !! 3 sets of tests all negative all animals tagged by mpi team now they r requesting a second taging specifically by mpi agents ffs this month is sale of bull yearlings and incoming of new weaners in dec ..so no income n they have contracts for outgoin and incoming this is ridiculous they have been gvn a case worker to help sort it but theres no end in sight t brothers farm has just been locked dwn at time they also rely on t sale of t yearling bulls for two families yearly income ..wat else can they do !! Iv told them go to t media as this is beyond a joke cull and pay out after 6 months or release in time to forfill contracts !!!! Retagging 600 yearlings isnt goin to acheive anything!!!

Please pm me as need to talk

That's horrible! Any updates?

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